What document formats are supported by our service?
Currently we support the most commonly used formats for document, text and image representation. We try to achieve the balance between the main formats conversions and the rest of formats that can be used seldom. Below is the list of formats we use for different conversions:
  1. Microsoft Word format (DOC and DOCX)
  2. Microsoft Excel format (XLS and XLSX)
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint format (PPT and PPTX)
  4. Adobe Acrobat format (PDF)
  5. Electronic Publication (ePUB)
  6. Fiction Book format (FB2) as well as MOBI, LIT and AZW3
  7. Rich Text format (RTF)
  8. Text document (TXT)
  9. Djvu documents (DjVu)
  10. HyperText Markup Language (Html)
  11. Different image formats (BMP, GIF, HDR, ICO, TIFF, J2K, JNG, JPEG(JPG), MNG, PCX, PGM, PPM, PNG, PICT, PSD, WBMP)
Are there any limits on document size? Let's say I would like to convert 100Mb document.
Theoretically, there are no any limitations on the documents size, but due to the web interface of the service you have to make sure that you are ready to wait until the end of the conversion.
What Microsoft Word source formats do you support? Can I upload Microsoft Word 2000 to convert it to PDF or service requires the latest version in DOCX format to meet the conversion requirements?
We support all formats starting from Microsoft Word 2003. So, please, try to keep your Microsoft Office software up-to-date.
Can I make document conversion in batch?
Currently we do not support the archives or batch documents processing due to the lack of users who need this functionality and system limitation.
I have many documents without extensions or some non-trivial extensions but I definitely know that they are in Microsoft Word format. Can I upload them or your service will ignore the conversion and I will have to update their extensions manually?
There is no need to update the extensions. The service will recognize the type of the document on the fly, so if the format is incorrect the conversion will fail , otherwise everything should be find and you will get your expected documents.
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