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To compress PDF files, it simply means to reduce the size of the total file. However, people must understand sometimes it is not possible to convert the PDF file as it may have multimedia, which are already compressed beforehand. So if you have PDF documents which consist of multimedia those documents will just shrink to a very small extent.

However, we have some great news, most of the times we can compress PDF files, and it is necessary to understand why to compress PDF. As we all know that PDF is one of the most convenient formats which are easily available, but if it is large in size it becomes inconvenient. You all know that large files also require large space of disk for storage purposes and not only this, larger files take huge time to be downloaded or uploaded if you want to email them, even attachment isn’t possible in most cases as the attachment files have a certain size limit. Now looking at all these reasons, it is important to compress PDF files so they are easy to approach.

How to compress PDF document online

Compress and Shrink PDF files for Free

Our website provides a platform where you can easily convert your large PDFs and compress PDF files to smaller versions.

In order to do so, you can follow the simple steps:

To compress PDF,

First of all you need to upload the files that you want to compress and shrink. In order to upload the file, you can opt for several ways;

  • You can upload it from local storage
  • Simply, you can also type the URL so the file can be directly uploaded from the internet web resource
  • Or you can drag file to the area marked “Drop you file here”, and the files you wish to compress will be uploaded.

Not only this, our website provides other services as well that can help you with your PDF files.

Why you should compress PDF’s using our online tool?

Fast Emailing
When you compress PDF files they become easier to be attached in the emails and hence can be easily sent via emails.
Time Saving
Not only the compressed PDF files are easier to be sent but they end up saving your time as well. You can send them in shortest time possible.
Save Storage
Another great benefit you can achieve is that when you compress PDF, it will take little space in your storage, and for those who want their mobile phone storage they will always prefer a compressed PDF file.