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By using an online JPG to PDF converter, one can always combine multiple pictures with JPG format to a single PDF format and then also share with others. The best part about using such online images to PDF converter is that there are no restrictions, no watermarks and no limit in file size. The software has another plus to it that it automatically optimizes, rotates and scales down images by keeping the same resolution and image quality.

How to convert images into PDF?

Why Convert JPG into PDF?

Converting a JPG file into a PDF one has more advantages than a JPG individual itself.

  • Once your file is converted from an image to PDF, it is stored on your hard drive in lesser bytes
  • When you print a JPG image, the print quality depends on the dimensions of pixels. However, if you print a PDF converted file, you will get the printed results as you see on your screen
  • For those especially in the professional world, converting the JPG files into a more integral format is compulsory. Professional users prefer a high resolution PDF file that is used specifically for transmitting ads
  • Any type of image that you have in any kind of document can be converted into PDF

Conversion from JPG to PDF for Free

Internet is filled with lots of software’s and online converters that can convert your JPG files to PDF. But important thing to notice is that most of these software’s and online converters are usually not free and difficult to use. For such reasons, our online JPG o PDF converter acts as a rescuer. Besides converting the file into PDF, the converter will also act as a compressor and compress your file without having to worry too much that you are creating something too wide or big.

PDF’s removes the disadvantages of using a JPG file making it easier for you to repurpose the function of the image.

Following are the steps to be followed in order to convert your JPG file to PDF;

  • Go to our website and click on the option of converting from JPG to PDF
  • Click on browse to upload the file that you want to convert
  • Click on convert to start the process
  • The conversion process may take a few seconds to convert your file from JPG to PDF
  • Once the file is converted, click on download and then save it

Advantages of Using our Online JPEG to PDF Converter

Saves Money
Our online converter is free to use unlike any other converter available on the internet. Besides that, it also doesn’t require any sort of singing in or logging in.
Saves Time
Our online converter is quick and reliable. The conversion of a file is done in a matter of seconds that helps you to save time.
No Damage of Picture Quality
The best part about using our online JPG to PDF converter is that it doesn’t ruin your image quality especially when you print it, in fact shows you exactly how it is on the screen.