(Supported Formats: DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, HTM, FB2, EPUB, TXT, ODT, PPT, PPTX)
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Why to convert to RTF

Anyone who has ever stored a document file on their device must know how hard it is to find one in the format that is supported on your device. Many document files are uploaded on the internet in one format only and so if we need it in another format, we must require an online converter. There are many sites that promise to be the best online converters but when you use them they want you to download additional applications and are not simple enough. Nobody wants that kind of hassle which is why you should use our platform to convert text to RTF format.

With our service, you can convert any document Microsoft Word to PDF . Our service will also help you to convert: to ePub format , to TXT format, to FB2 format.

About RTF format

RTF format is used widely among people today. Many of whom use Microsoft know how easy and simple it is. Online converters do not usually offer such a simple solution. Many businesses and workplaces use RTF format to store their documents. People find it user-friendly and the editing options are also quite easy. RTF files can be used on many applications as many software products support this format. Comparatively, RTF is much simpler to use than PDF as observed my many users.

Advantages of PDF to RTF converter

Following are just some of the advantages of using our services to convert your text files to RTF format:

  • It does not charge anything and is free to use.
  • No need to install any software products or applications.
  • There are no restrictions about the size of the document which you want to convert.
  • It is supported by many applications.
  • It supports a lot of input formats such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, PPT, PPTX, HTML, HTM, EPUB, FB2 etc.
  • It maintains the quality of your document and you also do not lose any images or other special characters in the file.
  • It is very simple to use and does not require any special skills.

Advantages of Using our Online PDF to RTF Converter

Free Service
The service is absolutely free of all costs and has no restrictions on the size of the converted document, so your file size maybe very large but there will be no restriction or lagging in the process.
No Installations
RTF converter works online, there is no need to download and install additional applications. Some websites ask for accounts or software for download but our website makes it the best to do it all at one place.
Device Awareness
All resources are purely ours, there is no need to aware about your PC resources.
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