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Merging PDF files

When browsing through your collection of files and folders you are bound to use PDF as a resourceful tool for managing comprehensive data. You would be quite surprised the things you can do to edit, cut and copy paste abstracts from your PDF files. We are all well aware of copy pasting and merging data and data sets. Doing the same thing in PDF files can be a bit tricky. You no longer need to worry about how to merge PDF files. With our easy to use converter, you can concatenate PDF documents with any headache.

With our service, you can convert any document Microsoft Word to PDF . Our service will also help you: Split PDF , extract pages from PDF, Compress PDF document.

Steps to combine PDF with our service

In projects and assignments you are bound to find yourself juggling a pile of data. On many occasions it is evident that merging PDF files is essential. To simplify your quest to merge and attach PDF files you can benefit from this convenient convertor. Many office files and records need to be assembled at one place. It is a great way to organize and categorize distributed data at one place. At times you need to collaborate your work and data of multiple extracts. You can combine PDF files to give a complete picture of what you are aiming to achieve. After careful evaluation and distinct proofreading, there are times when you would want to include or edit another piece of document to your PDF files. Using this converter merging PDF files is as easy as ABC.

To concatenate PDF documents into one file, you need to prepare an archive in ZIP format with the whole set of PDF documents inside. The merge process will extract PDF files for merging in alphabetical order. Please take care beforehand that all documents are correctly named.

An example of naming documents inside an archive:

  1. Page1
  2. Page2
  3. Page3
  4. ...
  5. PageN

To avoid the wrong order of combined PDF documents, try to avoid nested folders inside the archive.

The question on how to merge PDF files arises infrequently, but the need to find a simple and correct way to do this without a headache is an important task and our converter will help in solving this task better than any other.

Our PDF combine service benefits

Our service is free of charge
The service is free and there are no restrictions on the size of PDF documents merged together in one.
No Installations
To concatenate pdf files into one there is no need to download and install additional applications to help on merging files.
Client PC Resources
The resources of PC computers are not involved into PDF merging process. All processing is done online on the service servers.
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