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When do we need EBOOK

If reading is your passion and you probably are an eBook reader, you might want to copy some of your PDF files to read the book in one go. Even though PDF is a widely used format in the world, for reading books online, it is suggested to convert PDF to EBOOK format.

With our service, you can convert any document Microsoft Word to PDF . Our service will also help you to convert: to RTF format, to TXT format, to FB2 format.

Format EPUB

EPUB, short form of electronic publication, is a format that is designed for storing reflowing content mostly aimed to be read on handheld devices such as eReaders or mobile devices.

Steps to convert to EPUB

Why Convert from PDF to EPUB?

As mentioned above, PDF is a widely used reading format but when it comes to reading or watching your PDF files on your phones or tablets and zooming in for better reading, your text of the book will go outside of the screen. In order to read the entire text you have to scroll down your screen. It is because of this reason it is preferable to convert your PDF files into EPUB. EPUB format allows you to read easily and is designed in a way for reflowable content that helps in adjusting the size according to your screen and with whatever size of font you choose to keep. Moreover, EPUB is the only eBook reading format that iTunes accept. When you convert your file from PDF to EPUB, you are able to read your eBooks on iPod touch, iPad, iPhone etc.

Even though both formats have their own advantages, the following reasons are what give an upper hand to the EPUB converter;

  • In EPUB format, text reflows automatically that doesn’t happen in PDF.
  • Size of the font can be altered automatically if you load up an your file on an eReader, however, if you have a PDF file, you will have to zoom in and out which is pretty annoying itself.
  • Words in EPUB formatted files are indexed and can be researched in the built in dictionary of your eReader.

In short, we can say that for those who want to read your book on your desktop, PDF is convenient but if you want to read on your mobile device, anyone will recommend you to convert PDF to EBOOK format.

Advantages of Using our Online PDF to EPUB Converter

Free Service
The service is absolutely free of all costs and has no restrictions on the size of the converted document, so your file size maybe very large but there will be no restriction or lagging in the process.
No Installations
All tasks by EPUB converter are done online, there is no need to download and install additional applications. Some websites ask for accounts or software for download but our website makes it the best to do it all at one place.
Device Resources
The conversion of PDF into EBOOK format with original format.
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