PDF split and merge online Разбить и склеить PDF

Split PDF and merge PDF online service

PDF split and merge service description:

  1. Split PDF document to the set of pages. Divided parts are packed into archive
  2. To merge PDF documents, please, pack all separated parts into common archive in alphabetic orde. Only ZIP archives is supportedr
  3. Robust and quick split and merge functionality
Select Pages In Part
(1 page by default)
Select PDF Document to Split
Choose File

Note! Parameter Pages Per File is optional. By default each split file contains only 1 page from the source document.
Select Zip Archive With PDF Documents to Merge
Choose File

Note! In archive, be aware to put the names of pdf files in alphabetic order, so the merging is done proper way.

Useful links to convert PDF documents to different formats:

  • Universal PDF converter is provided on our main page DOC to PDF converter
  • If you need MS Word format DOCX from PDF document, please, use the next link PDF to DOCX
  • In case you need DOC format (MS Word 97-2003), the link Convert PDF to DOC is exactly what you are looking for
  • Please, use PDF to ePUB format link to get ePUB version of your document
  • Convert DJVU format to PDF at our dedicated page
  • At Convert PDF document to TXT allows to convert PDF and other documents to TXT format
  • PDF to FB2 page allows to convert to fiction book format
  • Any supported format, including PDF, can be converted to RTF on the page PDF to RTF
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