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If you are interesting in reading books, or work on your phone and create new documents everyday then you must know the struggle of trying to find that one book in the format you need or to find the document in the format supported by your device. That is where online converters step in. Online converters are easy and very convenient to use. You convert your documents in the format you want and in record time without you spending any money or extra valuable time of your day. Online converters can be quite complicated, which is why you should try our online tool to convert EPUB to TXT or PDF to TXT.

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How to convert PDF to TXT

Why Convert PDF to TXT?

The format TXT is one that has been used for a long time now. It is a tried and true format for saving documents which means it must be reliable and efficient. The TXT format is used worldwide in either businesses or schools to store documents because it is simple and very easy. TXT files also take up lesser space on your device than PDF files. TXT files also do not require you to install any additional application but PDF files do. That is why TXT format is better to store your files rather than PDF.

Advantages of converter to TXT format:

Below is a list of advantages for using our online tools to convert your PDF or EPUB files to TXT:

  • It costs no money.
  • You do not have to install any software products to use it.
  • Simple and efficient.
  • No size restrictions for the file you want to convert.
  • Offers a lot of input formats such as EPUB, PDF, HTML, DOC, HTM, FB2, DOCX, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, TXT etc.
  • Supported by many devices and software products.
  • Does not change the quality of your document, and retains the images or special symbols it might have.

Conversion Process

While searching for the best online converter from PDF to TXT you may have come across many that look good enough but are actually very complicated. Many online converters would bother you by asking you to install additional applications or software products for the conversion to take place. Some of them ask you to sign up and create an account which is dangerous because you have no idea if the website is legitimate and would not use your details to scam you. It also take up a lot of time, which is why you should use our website to convert your files because it is the best online converter and does not give you any hassle. Here is how to convert your files on this site:

  • Go to our online converter
  • You can upload a file from your local storage, or put in the link of the document you want to convert from the Internet, or even drag your file on the marked area “Drop your file here”.
  • The conversion takes place in seconds.
  • After your document file is done being converted to TXT format, it will be automatically saved on your device.
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